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“The time Pat spent getting to know the School paid off in both the Feasibility Study and a successful capital campaign!”
--Caitlin MacKenzie, Director of Development, Washington Waldorf School

This is a framework for measuring success, both against the institution’s history of fundraising and against the experience of peer institutions in their fundraising programs.

Review of Development Programs
Also termed a development audit, the Development Program Review assesses an institution’s internal readiness to reach its maximum fundraising potential.

Feasibility Assessments of Goals
The Feasibility Study assesses the external readiness of the institution’s constituencies to take on the challenges of volunteer leadership and philanthropy that would be required in a major campaign.

Campaign Planning
We assist the institution in drafting policies, procedures, timetables and volunteer structures and handbooks in support of a campaign.

Campaign Counsel
On-going counsel helps focus leadership, staff and volunteers on the priority activities and goals of the campaign and maintains momentum against the timeline.

Organizational Design and Planning
Counsel can identify appropriate short-term and long-term fundraising goals and advise on appropriate strategies to reach these goals, including the development of annual plans.

Board Development
Using analytical and anecdotal examples, counsel can help the Board understand and assume its key role in the fundraising process.

Volunteer and Staff Training
We train volunteers and staff on professional fundraising issues, as well as providing solicitors’ training.